McCormick rocks!:)


I feel very comfortable here, the doctors are gentle and caring.


McCormick Chiropractic has a kind, caring staff that really listens and addresses any problems you may be having.


Nice people, have been coming for 18 years, you must be doing something right!!


Very friendly and helpful.


I wouldn't know what I would do without you!! You are miracle workers with compassion and a family atmosphere.

Heather M.

Since I started coming to McCormick Chiropractic, I have been able to greatly reduce my pain without surgery. The doctors and staff are always so friendly and willing to answer all of my questions, especially for my baby.


I have been coming here for 14 years and through chiropractic maintenance, remain in relatively good condition with good mobility and rare pain or discomfort.


It is always a pleasant place to visit. Everyone is always there for you.


Always friendly, helpful and flexible with scheduling. Dedicated to improving the health of all their patients.

Amy R.

After I delivered my second child, it was obvious that something happened to my back during that hard and long labor/delivery. I let it go until I got pregnant with my third child and realized that something had to be done. The pain in my back was so severe, I was brought to tears at least once a day. I started going to a chiropractor and while it was helpful to me, I never felt 100% comfortable. Once he started telling me that my children were sick because of my refusal to have them treated as well, I knew that this was not the office for me.

Dr. Bill was recommended to us by a family member so I started regular adjustments there throughout the remainder of my pregnancey. I immediately felt comfortable and at home in this office. After my third child was born, I contemplated having my children adjusted as well. My second child was born with a severe heart defect  requiring open heart surgery immediately after birth. She also suffered from vertigo and acid reflux. While I was pretty sure that adjustments could help her vertigo, I was nervous to place her in the hands of a chiropractor. I talked to Dr. Bill about it many times and each time he told me that he was confident he could help her vertigo, BUT, I had to feel comfortable with allowing her to get adjusted. I really appreciated his patience and non-pushy attitude.

After several months of thinking and praying, my husband and I decided to take the plunge and we took her for her first adjustment. Dr. Jill started adjusting her three times a week. We did that for about three months and gradually backed down to once a month. From her very first adjustment, Dr. Jill made my daughter feel comfortable and at ease. She was never scared and eventually started looking forward to going. At the time of her first adjustment, she was taking Prevacid for her reflux and was on Miralax for chronic constipation. Dr. Jill focused on trying to minimize her vertigo and her reflux. We never thought to tell her about the constipation, but we didn't need to. From the very first adjustment we began seeing signs of improvement in her reflux and her constipation. Within one month, she was off the Miralax and within three months off the Prevacid!. It was amazing.

While she still suffers from bouts of Vertigo, the frequency has dramatically decreased. Now, instead of being sick and dizzy for 2 days, the minute she wakes up dizzy my husband or I are carrying her in to see Dr. Jill at 7:30 in the morning. Dr. Jill is calm and gentle and we trust her wholeheartedly to treat our daughter when she is at her sickest! Within an hour of getting adjusted, her dizziness subsides to the point where she is now able to function.

Now, two children later, we are all getting regular adjustments by Dr. Jill. Our fifth child was even adjusted when she was 10 days old - strait out of the NICU! Today we all look forward to our appointments with Dr. Jill. We believe that it has enhanced our overall health and would unequivocally recommend McCormick Chiropractic to anyone looking for a chiropractor.


Jackie I.

HOPE! Hope is a precious word. It pulls healthy energy from our spirit and spreads it through us. It lifts us up and carries us through tough times. And it is a wonderful motivator.

My hope was sorely lacking (pun intended) this past Fall and into the beginning of this year. Migraines hounded me almost daily, leaving me spent physically and emotionally. Two teenage girls at home, a full-time job, a home and other obligations do not deal well when Mama is out of commission.

I quit caffeine, but the headaches continued. I sought help from my doctor who ran tests and prescribed all kinds of medications: anti-inflammatories, anti-depressants, daily migraine meds, muscle relaxers. He referred me to physical therapy. Nothing was working, the pain continued. My hope was on its last legs.

One last time I met with my doctor and together we decided I should see a chiropractor. A friend of mine suggested McCormick and I thought I might as well try it. I had only seen adjustments on TV and in the movies, so I didn't know what to expect. I worried it might hurt or make my issues worse.

O me of little faith! I am a skeptic and I question most things. But HOPE is what I found when I came to this office. Sounds like an overstatement, but to go from pain every day to an occasional, manageable headache is amazing. Since my first treatment, I have not had one migraine. I listen to my body now. I take breaks when I need to, I watch my posture, and I do my "homework". I have hope that my neck spasms will be healed. I have hope that my headaches will be a memory. My body is healing itself with "nudges" in the right direction by Dr. Jill and Dr. Bill.

Just this week I referred my sister here for her chronic back pain and I tell anyone who asks about my headaches about this office and the healing that can come. I would hope anyone dealing with chronic headaches or pain would try seeing a chiropractor. Come skeptical, come doubting, but try it. There is hope!

Janine G.

I have had random back aches, pains, "knots" and burning and tingling for quite some time. I woke up every day for at least 2 months with burning and tingling across the top of my back, shoulders and with outer shoulder pain as well.

I have also had serious problems with alternating shoulder "blow outs" for several years now. I would get this random excruciating "scream out loud" pain in either shoulder which always resulted in my missing at least a week of work. I was always treated with anti-inflammatory drugs and painful shots of cortisone. No doctor ever told me why I had it or what caused it, it just was. The last bout landed me at the medical clinic at 9 pm for a healthy dose of morphine in my butt. My pain was 25 on a scale of 1 to 10. Again, no reason for the pain, it was just treated. Let me just add that the morphine really didn't touch the pain either, it just made me think I was going to die or forget how to breathe. The nurse reassured me that I would not forget how to breathe, it just feels that way. Great.

I came to Dr. Bill's 3 times a week, then 2 and now I am once every two weeks. I have only 2 minor knee incidents in almost 6 months. If my knee bothred me, I'd tell Dr. Bill and he'd work on it for me. The burning in the shoulders is gone. If I overexert myself I will sometimes have an issue and know that I need to be adjusted. I've also had a great improvement with my acid reflux. I started exercising again after not being able to due to the pain I was in. I would say I'm about 75% better than I have been in a long time.

My father is also a patient now and so is my 11 year old daughter who has had back problems for quite some time. Her ortho doc never told us she was born with an extra lumbar vertebra. Dr. Bill told us immediately that it was there and it may or may not be a concern. My daughter says her back feels good and she hasn't asked me to rub the knots in her back since she started care.

We are all feeling better. I'd recommend Chriopractic at THIS office to anyone. Everyone is friendly and always pleasant.

Amy B.

I came in to seek chiropractic care after a diagnosis of Bell's palsy. I had total paralysis on the left side of my face. I was unable to blink or close my left eye; my left ear ached with a fullness sensation. I had pain behind my left ear. This came on suddenly, within hours of the first sign of paralysis. This was very severe and made me very self-conscious.

I initially went to my family Dr. who prescribed steroids. He offered no literature or information about Bell's palsy. I had been to a chiropractor previously for migraines and had good results. After reading about my condition on the internet, I decided to go back. I hoped to improve my ability to speak, eat and drink as well as my normal facial movements with my adjustments in the office.

Chiropractic just makes sense. Knowing that the nervous system controls everything in the body, when you have a loss of nerve flow, or subluxation in you body it's not functioning at its optimal level. I was impressed with the Doctors in the office; they were very willing to help. The office runs very efficiently.

My results have been great! After five days I started having feeling back. It's been two months now and I have 95% of movement back. Although I still have ear pressure, with each adjustment I'm getting alot better. I've recommended it to many others.

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